How Visa Free Travel Makes Your Life Easier. How Does Your Passport Compare?

What is visa free travel?

Visa free is when you are able to enter a country upon entry without needing to go through the process of getting a visa. The visa is a ticket into a country. Normally when we speak about visa free travel we are speaking about the tourist visa you will be given when you first enter the country as a tourist. When you have visa free access to a country, you can arrive at your port of entry, and a visa will be stamped in your passport without any hassel.

Why can’t I just apply for visas?

When you go through the process of applying for a visa, this normally will take time to fill out the forms or money to pay people to fill out the forms. Also, you run the risk of being denied the visa. And the privacy intrusion of having to apply for a visa is also a factor.

How does visa free travel make your life easier?

When you have visa free travel to many countries that you visit often, it will save you time, money, energy, ans risk of being denied access to the country. This obviously will increase your ability to look for opportunity in other countries. Visa free travel on your passport is great, and the more you can expand your visa free travel options the more free you are.

How do I get more visa free travel?

Normally you will have access to a list of countries that have agreed to let passport holders of the countries passport you are holding to visit the country. At least for visa free travel standpoint, the more the passport you are using has visa free travel options the better the passport. So, if you get a new citizenship and passport you will have added visa free travel countries to your list of countries you can visit easily.

How does your passport compare?

If you go online google or any major search engine. You can search for the name of your country and visa free travel. You will search like this, “Dominica visa free”. You will find many websites that will display an image similar to this one:


On this image you can see all the green countries you can access with visa free or visa on arrival.

You can search for other countries visa free map like this also to compare the quality of your passport to other passports.

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