Difference Between a Quality Passport And a Lesser Quality Passport

There are a few factors to see the quality of a passport. There is a definite difference between a great passport and a so-so quality passport. The higher the quality passport you get, the more benefits that come along with the passport. There are many variables, and some may come down to personal taste.

Here are a few factors to see the quality of passport:

Visa Free Travel.

Compare these two countries by there visa free travel map.

[Malta Dominica visa free map]

As you can see both countries give you the ability to visit many countries visa free. But Malta is a superior passport in regards to visa free travel. Not only will you be allowed visa free access to more countries, but in many instances you will be granted a longer term visa. For example instead of 30 days visa free to a country you will be given 90 days on a better passport. Then it very much comes down to preference and effectiveness. Which countries do you plan on visiting most often? Only you can decide if the added visa free travel of a passport will help you.

Freedom of Movement Rights.

Many countries have attempted to unify their borders. And make it easier to travel for citizens of the countries who have been part of the agreement. For example in Mercosur or Schengen areas just having the ID, even without traveling with a passport you will be able to travel visa free.

So if you have a passport from Schengen or Mercosur country you will be granted increased movement rights.

Freedom to Reside.

If you are getting a citizenship from an EU country, you will be allowed to live anywhere in the EU. For example if you purchase Malta citizenship by investment, with the Malta citizenship you will be able to live within any EU country permanently. This opens up many potential tax benefits and many other benefits. As not all citizenship is going to allow you to have this ability.

Business Opportunity.

If you have a passport from a country that restricts business investments, this can be a major con to the passport. For example as a US citizen, you will be restricted to participating in certain investments. If you use another passport the investment opportunity is open to you.


When you have citizenship in a country, you will be granted access to live in that country as a citizen. The obvious benefits of this are if you have a choice between living in Malta or Comoros. Malta will normally be the choice of most people because of its “first world” infrastructure.

As previously mentioned. All of these factors will come down to personal choice and personal factors. These are a few criteria to see if the passport will help you to its full effectiveness.

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