Malta Citizenship by Investment

Created in 2014, the Malta Individual Investor Programme (IIP) or Malta citizenship by investment program, provides high net worth individuals and there families around the planet with citizenship in an EU country. Malta has been part of the EU since 2014, and is a very stable country. You will be happy living in a country like Malta, there is a stable political climate, growing economy, and a stable banking system. The country of Malta is breathtaking to behold, being an island country the air is of high quality for your lungs.

The citizenship programme in Malta is the first investment program of its kind to be recognized and supported by the EU. The program is ran very efficiently and all investor applicants are held to a high standard of due diligence , and you will rest easily knowing your investment into the Malta program will continue to be worth the investment for many years. Only the best are admitted so the citizenship will hold its value for you and your family.

Because Malta is part of the EU, you will be given the right to live in all 28 EU country. Also the EU plans to expand in coming years, so the list may grow giving you more options.

Requirements For The Malta Citizenship by Investment Program

You and your family must hold resident status in Malta for 12 months after the day you are issued the certificate of naturalization. All investors must make a contribution to the National Development and Social Fund. Below is the investment needed to proceed:

  • Contribution to National Development and Social Fund of EUR 650,000 for the main applicant
  • Contribution for spouse and minor children: EUR 25,000 each
  • Contribution for dependent children 18 to 26 years or dependent parents above 55 years: EUR 50,000 each

Below are the Due Diligence Fees:

Main applicant: EUR 7,500

Spouses, adult children and parents: EUR 5,000

Children between 13 and 18 years of age: EUR 3,000 each.


You must also hold a residence in Malta for 5 years minimum. You can either purchase a property worth minimum 350,000 EUR. Or, lease a property for annual rent of 16,000 EUR.


Also you must hold 150,000 EUR in Government approved financial instruments. This must be hold for a minimum of 5 years.


You and your family will be given Malta citizenship for life, and this can be passed to future generations by descent.


Visa Free Travel Opportunity

You will be provided a Malta passport. Which will give you access to 170[FIX] countries visa free with the Malta passport. A Maltese passport is one of the top passports in the world. This is one of the main attractions for investors seeking entrance into the program.


Limited Admittance

The Malta citizenship by investment program is limited to 1,800 participants. As of November 2016, almost half of the spots have been taken. Remember this program will not last forever.


Dual Citizenship

Malta permits dual citizenship. So you can hold other citizenship along with a Malta citizenship with no issues at all.


Our Values

We aim to deliver exceptional, client-focused services with a strong emphasis on efficiency and the utmost integrity. Each client receives the highest level of professional and personalized service with our citizenship solutions. We place an extraordinary premium on honesty as a business and as individuals.


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