Dominica Citizenship by Investment

Dominica Citizenship by Investment

Since 1993 in Dominica the program of provision of nationality in exchange for investments into the budget of the country began to work. The Dominica citizenship by investment program is legal and is approved by the government of Dominica (article 101 of the constitution of Dominica ). The money transferred by you goes to the account of the government. Feature of this program is that any law-abiding person having financial opportunities necessary for receipt of this document can use it.

What origins of the program of provision of the passport of Dominica in exchange for investments?

Improvement of social conditions within the country is a basic reason. For example:

  • Improvement of quality of education. Construction of new schools, and other educational institutions.

  • Improvement of a health care system. Construction of new hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions.

  • Investment of tourist sector. Construction of new hotels and other objects.

Improvement of many other sectors of economy.

How to start the process in getting your Dominica citizenship by investment?

First of all it is necessary to contact the agent having permission to assistance. We want to pay special attention on the fact that the agent providing these services shall be the authorized CBIU. It is impossible to submit the application most. Provision of these services is performed only through the authorized agents. Carrying out this process agents carry out preparation of documents for the correct giving. Also our agents will help you to avoid various bureaucratic problems, and also will help you to collect all necessary documents. The authorized agents Will accompany process of receipt of nationality from beginning to end. The additional information about that how to begin process of receipt of nationality will be provided to you by e-mail or by phone in the shortest possible time.

What price of receipt of nationality?

  • One candidate. The cost of receipt of nationality by one candidate constitutes 100000 dollars.

  • Married couple. The cost of receipt of nationality by married couple constitutes 175000 dollars.

  • Married couple with children. The cost of receipt of nationality by married couple with two children who didn’t reach age of 18 years constitutes 200000 dollars.

  • It is necessary to pay 50000 dollars for each additional person.

Also for receipt of nationality you will need to pay some duties, for example:

  • Admission fee. The amount of the admission fee constitutes 1000 dollars on one person. This amount doesn’t return.

  • Payment of naturalization of the candidate. The cost of this service constitutes 550 dollars on one person.

  • Stamp fee. The cost of this service constitutes 15 dollars on one person.

  • The application directed for receipt of the passport. Payment of this service costs 38 dollars.

What are the advantages of having the passport of Dominica?

First this document does you by the full-fledged citizen of this country. You will have the same rights and privileges, as well as other citizens of Dominica .

There was a wish to warn you that this document is issued only by authorities of Dominica . The passport of the citizen of this country can’t be purchased what other way, a legal method of receipt of this document is only described above. The citizen of any country having the good file, a solvency, good health can receive this document, it shall have no problems with the legislation of the country.

One more benefit of receipt of the passport of this country is that you aren’t subject to the taxation on the income earned outside the country. It gives you more opportunities to construct successful business as there are no tax expenses.

Also if you become the owner of the passport of Dominica , then will be able to visit about 120 countries without visa, and it considerably expands opportunities to qualitatively spend vacation abroad without problems.

Important argument for benefit of receipt of this document, is that nationality of this country can be transmitted to your children.

In case of receipt of the passport of Dominica , you have the right to keep the primary citizenship as in this country it is authorized to have two nationalities that is big plus.

The person who obtained Dominica citizenship isn’t obliged is in the country constantly. If the person who purchased nationality the most part of time is in other country, he won’t lose the nationality.

One of the biggest pluses of life in Dominica is untouched, very picturesque nature. Watching picturesque landscapes, magnificent vegetation, magnificent beaches you can’t remain indifferent. Thanks to so favorable climatic and to an environment Dominica is one of the most popular tourist directions. Many people dream to visit this country, but the person who purchased nationality of this country has an opportunity to live in this wonderful place constantly.

If you had additional questions of acquisition of citizenship of Dominica for investments, we with pleasure will answer them by e-mail or by phone.